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calica’s going to be big one day, with her fluffy and cute aesthetic mixed in with deeply cutting lyricism, and boy, does she know it. editor-in-chief kariann delves into the intricacies of her recent single “bitch” and helps extrapolates her ideas on music and songwriting.

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interviewsKariann Tan
Des Rocs

Solo artist Des Rocs is blazing the path for a new wave of rock and roll with his EP “Let The Vultures In” and recent single “Outta My Mind.” For this NYC based rocker it is about so much more than the music, it’s about a revolution. Erin got to talk to him about his art and the revolution.

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interviewsErin Alzapiedi

it has been a while since we have seen a resurgence of edm fused with 80s synths. as that is so, dndr has most certainly filled up that niche - serving new calming bangers such as “still here” and “shine a little light on your own mind”. check out this interview that i was able to do with ola and ludwig, as we explore deeper into their passion and what makes their musical minds tick.

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