SONG REVIEW: Taylor Swift's "Lover"


Taylor Swift delivers a new, yet strangely familiar side of herself in “Lover”. Her highly anticipated seventh studio album, to be released August 23rd, has been prefaced by three incredible singles. The contrasting sounds between “You Need To Calm Down”, “The Archer”, and “Lover” have Swift’s fans on the edge of their seats, restlessly waiting to see what else she has up her sleeve. 

“Lover” is reminiscent of Swift’s album Red, released in 2012. The song is structured around gentle percussion, with layered acoustics and vocals. “Lover” continues this theme we have already seen from Taylor, but this new release feels more vulnerable, more open. The chorus, “Take me out, take me home; you’re my, my, my, my lover”, feels warm, waltzy, and bright. Taylor is notorious for dropping hints in her songs as to who they are about; she does not stray away from that tradition on “Lover”. 

The strength of Taylor’s songwriting is that she can express exactly what she is feeling in beautiful poetry; she can use metaphors, similes, and colorful language, while also keeping the meaning clear and widely relatable. Her songs strike a chord in all of us, whilst exhibiting Taylor’s technical and masterful musical prowess.

You can stream “Lover” on multiple platforms now.