SONG REVIEW: PVRIS' "Hallucinations"


PVRIS stuns again with their latest single “Hallucinations” that was released on August 16, alongside a music video that is able to take viewers on a thrill of their lifetime. It’s the second song that the band has released in lieu of their upcoming EP, set for release on the 25th of October as well as a third full-length album to release next year.

The music video itself depicts the harshness of reality, with a kaleidoscope effect being rained down on Lynn Gunn, vocalist of the band. What follows along is this powerful anthem that could be interpreted as a “mental manifestation of the confusing” and the feelings one might hold specifically after a separation of some sort. Vocal prowess Gunn is able to strongly recognize that feeling, and as a result, hones in on that during the duration of the song.

Make sure to check our the music video below and keep an eye out for their shows that are coming up in Reading & Leeds later this month.