SONG REVIEW: OAKLND's "good 4 me"


Dreamy synths open “good 4 me”, before OAKLND croons his ode to an unnamed love interest, and perhaps more broadly, his anthem of young, unrequited love. A simple yet satisfying piano progression played carries the song into its pre-chorus. Scotland native Colin Mckillop, who goes by the moniker OAKLND, touches on a rather unexplored subtopic of love, singing “when you called me first, I wanted you to know / I guess that I felt hurt, I wish that we could go”.

OAKLND cultivates this feeling of indecisiveness throughout the track, telling a universal story about being in a relationship with someone you know is toxic or problematic, yet for a multitude of reasons, you feel like you need them; you feel like they’re good for you.

The song builds from there, adding in a guitar melody, muted chords, echoing vocals repeating previous lyrics, and a muffled bass drum. All very simple techniques, but layered together they create such a pleasant track. And then, the song fades out, at just two minutes and four seconds. It leaves me minutely unsatisfied, craving more of this dreamy sound. 

Ultimately, that’s a good thing. Since 2018, OAKLND has been slowly releasing a steady stream of singles that I will be sure to delve into, and “good 4 me” leaves me (almost angrily) hankering for more. I’ll be keeping Mckillop on my radar over the next few months, and I hope you do the same too.

“good 4 me” is now available to stream on multiple platforms.