SONG REVIEW: Hate Drugs' "Take a Look Around"



getting early access to a new single by one of your favorite bands is a lot like getting an early christmas present, and it honestly feels like that, given that i’ve been bopping around to this song since i got the link. however, i am, as always, impartial until i’ve given things a proper listen. i think one of the best things about the hate drugs is that i’ve not been even slightly disappointed by a release of theirs yet. I’ve been waiting for new music from them since their album Tsunami Soul I, released earlier this year. “take a look around” was absolutely worth the wait and it proves that the hate drugs are 100% still on the rise.

though fall may have officially started, “take a look around” is all summer. beachy nostalgic guitars and a groovy bass line pair with david’s gentle vocals to keep this track light and breezy, as well as totally danceable. 

starting off with those bright guitars, “take a look around” features a quick cymbal build into a milder verse. caploe’s vocals are front and center but also emulsified in reverb, providing a slight echo and adding an extra layer of intrigue. rather than a full-on bridge, there’s this instrumental break down that bursts into a solo with a guitar tone slightly reminiscent of the sonic the hedgehog soundtracks (that’s a really high compliment from me, i promise). it adds a lot of energy and builds up to the final choruses.

this song feels like an anthem for those confused and disenchanted by the world around them, especially for those dealing with newfound adulthood. with lyrics like “i’m getting tired of these signs i’m seein’”, and “the blinders tightened by the puppeteer”, you get the sense that the hate drugs are tired of being told that there’s only one way for life to go. Their simple response of “you gotta take a look around, just make your own way”, reminds the listener that they don’t have to be pigeonholed by anyone else’s expectations. we can forge our own paths. 

let yourself be encouraged by “take a look around”, available now on multiple streaming platforms.