SONG REVIEW: 5 Seconds of Summer's "TEETH"


Earlier this month, 5SOS and 13 Reasons Why teased the release of the new single, “TEETH”, released two days ago, August 21st.

The single and accompanying music video explores a new sound for the band. It’s a continuation of the much darker, industrial, and electronic sounds from “Easier”.

Produced by Andrew Watt and Louis Bell, the song is about the highs and lows of a relationship. The hook of the chorus, “Fight so dirty, but your love so sweet / Talk so pretty, but your heart got teeth”, captures the essence of rocky relationships, characterized by constant fighting and makeups. And it’s made even stronger by the heavy bass, drums, and electronic sounds that accompany the band’s pop-rock vocals.

Luke Hemmings, the band’s frontman, explained that the song is inspired by his current relationship. He also went on to explain how the song is unique to both the band and what’s being played now, and how it’s his “favorite song we’ve released ever”.

Featured on the upcoming fourth studio album of the band and the season three soundtrack of 13 Reasons Why, “TEETH” is letting fans know what they can expect from the new record.

With the single came a music video as well. Directed by Thibaut Duverneix, the video follows the band in a medical experiment gone wrong.

Interlaced between the boys desperately trying to escape their drug-induced nightmares is them performing the song. It’s reminiscent of The Matrix, with heavy sci-fi dystopian imagery. Overall a well done artistic visual representation for an already strong song.

You can stream “TEETH” now on multiple platforms.