SHOW REVIEW: half•alive

Entering The Cowan, I was completely unprepared for the show half•alive was about to give. Hailing from Long Beach, California, half•alive has been up-and-coming since their viral dance sequence in the “still feel” music video, and they brought the same energy on stage. After their chaotic and disoriented Firefly set due to technical problems, I felt inclined to buy a ticket and see them in their true element.

half•alive’s unique style continued to capture their already excited, fresh-faced audience. JA Collective, consisting of Jordan Johnson and Aidan Carberry, joined them on the road, dancing alongside lead vocals Josh Taylor and offering any technical and transitional support they could. A multi-light backdrop was at hand, providing beautiful and interactive imagery throughout the show. This brought the show to life, from with the zzz emblems emanating from the bottom of the stage while Josh was laying down during “rest”, to lyrics presented at the end of “ice cold”. Consistent outfit changes also kept things fresh and interesting. 

Not only was the colorful performance they put on impressive, but their vocals and instrumental talent were enough to wow me alone. Josh Taylor never missed a note, even when he took over Kimbra’s part in “ice cold”, J Tyler’s bass notes were striking, and Brett’s drum pad effects were killer. Their closing song “creature” had fans crying and at a loss for words. This show was definitely refreshing and new, compared to other tours and shows I have attended, and I definitely plan to see their next show in Nashville.