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Post Cinema is an indie rock band that recently joined forces to bring listeners a soft yet electric sound. They’re composed of four members, Jeibi, singer-songwriter and guitarist, Michael, guitarist, key-player and producer, Andrew on drums, and touring member Juan (who I couldn’t catch up with today). Since October 2018, Post Cinema have performed at formidable music venues throughout New York. Their songs range from atmospheric to stadium rock, and the key to their broadness is in the composing. Post Cinema proves that great chemistry and great talent are a recipe for an amazing band. Rebecca got to talk with the band about their origin story and future. 

How did Post Cinema come to be?

Jelbi: I was writing songs on my own for a while. I had a teacher who was pressuring me to start a band; I put out some ads, and Michael and I met at a Starbucks in March 2018. It was then that we agreed to work together. 

Michael: There was an instant attraction as far as the sound Jeibi was playing with. It wasn’t a full band sound yet, but I got attached to the songwriting and music, so I offered to join the band full time, instead of just producing a few songs for Jeibi like we initially planned.

Jeibi, on your initial search for musicians, many artists claimed they never heard your sound before. Do you think Michael joining the band remedied that?

Jelbi: Michael remedied that, in a way. We have a definitive sound now, and that wasn’t the case before. 

What do you imagine supporters are doing while listening to your music?

Jeibi: I don’t know.

Michael: The concept of our band name almost answers that. For me, it’s music you listen to at the end of your day, or after experiences. It’s like a score at the end of a film, it’s not for one specific mood [Jeibi and Andrew nod in agreement].

Andrew: It’s looking out the window music; it sets a scene and you can vibe out with an emotion or sentiment. It’s as if you're a passenger and you’re just letting the music take you on a ride.  

Do you have any concrete plans for the future?

Andrew: Festivals, for sure. 

Michael: We are also talking about micro-touring. I’ve played at a few festivals before—they were really fun. We’ve been ramping up our energy [while performing] live, so the experience is just fun for everyone. 

Jeibi: Most of the performances are planned to a T, but we’ll notice, from the writing to the recording, things we have to change. So when we’re rehearsing, we’ll notice those things and change them. In that way, our process is more organic, but the end product is polished. 

Andrew: We try to give a little more than the recording when playing live. 

Jeibi: We’re having a show at Connolly’s Klub 45, August 31st.

Michael: That’s the first time I’m hearing it. This is how it goes. I’m in the lab working, and they’ll go, “Hey, we have a show”, and I’ll go, “Ok” [The three laugh].

Andrew, drummers often get the reputation for being the chill and easy-going band member. As a drummer do you agree?

Andrew: I guess...for me, I’ll get in the zone and let the moment take me. I do what feels right for me. There are some drummers I know who are crazy people, but I also know drummers who are very chill. The style of the music tends to be an indicator of the drummer’s personality. For this band, it’s a much more subdued and chill vibe.

How did you guys feel when you released Stargazer

Jelbi: I was like, “Finally, I have something I can present to the world”. 

How are you guys feeling about your future, specifically your upcoming record?

Michael: Based on how things go amongst ourselves, that’s how the sound will come out. You can hear that on this upcoming record; it sounds good. 

Jeibi [grinning]: I’m excited for this LP and our future. I’m also really grateful to have these guys with me; there’s an overwhelming amount of support behind this. I remember my first solo show—all my friends and parents were there. When I’m playing with my band, I get that same feeling of support. 

Andrew: As the newest member, you guys have made it easy to be a part of the gang. We’re getting better with each show. I’m really excited to be on the record and have something tangible and physical that I contributed to the culture.

If Post Cinema were a food what would you be?

Jeibi: I just had an ube cake, so anything with ube in it. It’s a yam from the Philippines that sometimes tastes like popcorn. You can turn it into a cake, waffles, cheesecake, etc. 

Michael: I’d say a Beef Wellington, mainly because of all the layers, and with each layer, it gets better. I’ve been watching a lot of Hell’s Kitchen

Andrew: I would say pudding because we’re sweet and an anytime snack.

Check out Post Cinema’s Stargazer on multiple platforms right now, and keep an eye out for their coming LP.

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