ALBUM REVIEW: The Faim's State of Mind


The first and long-awaited album by The Faim was released this past Friday the 13th of September.

The band described State of Mind as an important step for the band saying, “State of Mind is a huge step for our band, delving into territories that push the boundaries of what we’ve experimented with previously.”

The album is reminiscent of emo-rock bands like Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy while still giving us a mix of newer sounds in the genre. Here’s a track-by-track review of State of Mind.

THE FAIM // Courtesy of BMG

THE FAIM // Courtesy of BMG

Tongue Tied: A very Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy song with rock instrumentals and pop/rock-inspired vocals. Fast-paced, a really good first song to set the pace and vibe of the rest of the album.

Humans: One of the singles off the album, inspiring messages and lyrics carry this song. “Humans” is a slower song, though not really a ballad. A breakup song that doesn’t focus on the lost relationship, but rather one’s own feelings, “Humans” tells us that “sometimes you just gotta break to know you’re human”.

Summer Is A Curse: Very similar to 5SOS’s songs. Some memorable lyrics are: “Black tint on the windows / I can’t see what the future holds”, “Summer is a curse and I can’t let go / if you’re not trying then you’ll never know. / A broken city with a broken heart / Summer is a curse and we fall apart”. With an extremely catchy chorus, I imagine it will be very good live. If I heard this on the radio, it would make me want to look up the artist after and add it to my playlist.

Beautiful Drama: The intro of “Beautiful Drama” reminds me of early 2000s emo rock songs, before flowing directly into a modern pop-rock ballad. It feels like a mini-history of the genre. Josh Raven’s vocals are the highlight here, especially with his impressive runs. And once the chorus starts, it reverts to the fast-paced, high emotion ballads from those 2000s emo rock songs. Lyrically, it’s a really sad song about the intensity of a forbidden relationship. With one of the best lyrics in the song, “You’re nicotine, a candy dream, addicted to a memory of holding you”, coupled with the first lines of the chorus, “I can’t live without beautiful drama, there’s no hiding from the will of her father”, it becomes a Romeo and Juliet-type romantic tragedy.

Buying Time: “Buying Time” sports a different kind of riff and sound from the other songs on the album. Starting with a soft ballad intro, this song picks up the tempo in its chorus. The chorus, “I'm just buying time without you / Smiling's just a game without you / I don't wanna play, I don't wanna play / I don't wanna play this game no more / ‘cuz I'm just buying time”, is a very similar message to “Beautiful Drama”, which makes me want to think of them as a series.

Infamous: Finally, a ballad! (Or, at least The Faim’s version of a ballad). It’s softer and slower than the other songs, a very sweet love song, saying, “Will you follow me, to a darker place / Where we can find beauty in our embrace”. Maybe it's not a conventional “ballad”, but “Infamous” stands out as much slower than the others.

Amelie: Upon first listen, this song sounds exactly like something you’d hear at the beginning of a superhero movie. Between the drums and the background vocals, this song is a really good pump up song. “The concept behind ‘Amelie’ draws on the idea that everyone is born the same, but we become the people we are due to the influence of our surroundings”. said the band. Overall my favorite song on the album.

Words Apart: Following my favorite song on the album is my least favorite, though that’s not to say it’s bad by any means. It has a solidly catchy chorus and upbeat verses, but compared to the other songs, a message about people not communicating with each other just isn’t as strong.

Where the River Runs: Almost like a different genre than the rest of the album, though it still fits beautifully into the tracklist. “Where the River Runs” is much more pop ballad than anything else (and yes, after searching for the traditional ballad, I think I’ve found it). With its very beautiful piano and vocals, it’s easily one of the strongest songs on the album. And it has beautifully sad lyrics about an abusive and broken upbringing: “They all said I was a victim of a broken home / You built this castle but it crumbles so I made my own”.

State of Mind: The last and also the title song on the album, “State of Mind” sounds like a radio hit. It has smooth guitar instrumentals, catchy lyrics, and really sums up the album and its vibe into one song. Its lyrics really do an amazing job painting the picture of the anxiety and desperation on the road to a clear headspace.

If you loved this album and The Faim, check out their upcoming tour, with tickets available here!

You can stream State of Mind on multiple platforms now.