BROCKHAMPTON is back, despite a major hiccup for the group, stronger than ever. GINGER, their latest studio album, debuted last Friday and informed fans that the brand is ongoing. In an age where boy bands are being reimagined with queer men of color and barrier-breaking music, it’s great to see the group comeback after a six month creative hiatus. Members of the band call this project “a big therapy session for the group” as they acknowledge the 2018 drama and reflect on their fate as a boy band, leaving the collective with change and heartbreak, but also a will to fight for their movement.

Compiled of 9 members, not counting Ameer Vann who was kicked out of the group in 2018 following allegations, BROCKHAMPTON is unlike any current boy band. Kevin Abstract, the member spearheading BROCKHAMPTON, propels his team forward and keeps them focused on the end goal. Though there have been recent hurdles for the boy band, they’ve come back to prove they’ve still got it with their fifth studio album.

GINGER is filled with heavy 90s R&B influence fused with hip hop and rock, perfectly fitting the BROCKHAMPTON mold. Though the band is very experimental in their sound, there is still a signature theme that allows the group to stand out. “SUGAR” presents the R&B element, with their classic acoustic guitar, soft bassline, and autotunes vocals. Experimental gritty trap-like sounds are provided in “ST. PERCY”, another familiar BROCKHAMPTON sound. And the track creating the most buzz, due to its allusive addressing of Vann’s removal, “DEARLY DEPARTED” has elements of rock incorporated with whining vocals and electronic sounds. These different components make for another album that is unique yet stays true to the band’s essence. Present throughout  is the angsty and distressed boy trope. They end the project with “VICTOR ROBERTS”, filled with rap and an anthemic sound, all while sporting reflective and affirming lyrics. BROCKHAMPTON’s growth, healing, and ambition are perfectly tied together to end the project. 

It’s a melancholy feeling knowing this group plans to part ways. They’re already proving true to this statement made to Rolling Stone, with members living separately, musical breaks and production of solo projects coming into play. We don’t know exactly when BROCKHAMPTON will call it quits, but for now, they’re using their musical genius to create timeless music.

GINGER is available to stream on multiple platforms now.