Fresh off their set from Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas, I saw A R I Z O N A on the last stop of their “Find Someone Tour” at their sold out show at the Santa Ana Observatory in California.

Three-piece band Zach, Nate, and David graced the stage at 9:00 sharp, earning a roaring scream from the crowd ready to start dancing. The band opens with Not Single Day and then some classics off their debut album like Nostalgic followed by I Was Wrong, Cross My Mind and my personal favorite; Oceans Away

The trio seems like a tight-knit group, especially with their tour family who they invited out on stage for a toast mid show, earning cheers from the crowd as they downed a shot of tequila, joking about “Drinking on the job”.

Towards the middle of the show, Zach, the vocalist had a heart-felt speech. Believe me, I don’t say this often, but the band seemed genuine, and had a mantra of “It’s okay not to be okay sometimes” which was wholesome, and definitely important to emphasize for people who needed t hear it. I put my camera down mid-speech when Zach, the vocalist said “If you’re not doing what you like, and the people you’re with; then you are wasting your time.” That alone earned a loud scream from the crowd.

Going into this concert I only knew about three songs, but left with more than a handful of favorites such as Freaking Out in particular. I’m not discouraging you to not listen to their discography online but believe me when I tell you this: that song performed live was a million times better than the track itself. Every single person in that room was in sync with eachother, hanging on to every word, every note - not wanting the night to end.

If you haven’t checked out A R I Z O N A on tour yet, you’re in luck because the band announced that their sophomore album is coming out very very soon; so it’s safe to expect that they’ll be on tour soon, yes? Because you know I’ll definitely be there.