ALBUM REVIEW: K.Flay's Solutions

Grammy-nominated musician K.Flay released her third studio album, Solutions, on July 12th. One of the reasons I love K.Flay is because none of her music feels forced; every track feels organic, as though she writes the lyrics as she sings them. K.Flay also experiments across multiple genres, melding them together effortlessly. Let’s dive in track-by-track. 

I Like Myself (Most Of The Time):

K.Flay comments on the narcissism that we all develop to compensate for insecurity. She reveals that she attempts to stay positive despite being flawed because flaws make us human. Her words are given priority, with a simple beat and guitar riff in the background. This track signals one of Solutions’ themes: self-love.  

Bad Vibes:

A bit more angsty, this song is K.Flay’s attempt to distance herself from toxic people, places, and activities to live a fulfilled life. A crunchy beat and distorted guitars carry this anthem of self-empowerment, and it’s most definitely one of my favorites on the album. 

This Baby Don’t Cry:

The third song on the album reintroduces the theme of self-love, despite the stares and opinions from others. Her straight forward lyrics are accompanied by energetic yet tight drums and a funky bass-line. A close second for my favorite song!


K. Flay is searching for a deep connection in this song and lists off the things she would do for her sister. Whether she is speaking to a friend she currently has or is still attempting to find a bond that close, we don’t know. “Sister” has EDM influence, with a hopeful tone across a cheery beat, leaning the track more into the pop genre.


This is the first slow-tempo track on the record, beginning with a simple piano that gradually builds with Flay’s singing. According to Flay, this song is about her girlfriend, Miya Folick. They came out as a couple earlier this summer!

Good News: 

This track is a bit darker, with K.Flay looking for any sort of hope she can. The lyrics are quicker, featuring the deeper, richer side of Flay’s vocals in the verses. The beat and joyful-sounding chorus contrast with the somber lyrics: “I could use some good news, good news, to pull me through”.

Ice Cream:

Another lowkey track on the album, “Ice Cream” expresses Flay’s frustration with her significant other. Her love seems to be unrequited, and she doesn’t want to let go of the one she loves. The chorus and bridge display higher-pitched vocals and a bit of voice distortion, with heavy instrumentals behind her powerful voice. 

Not In California:

Flay posted about this song on social media, comparing herself to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz by saying “we’re not in California anymore”. Constant issues encompassing the globe everywhere she turns, Flay feels trapped by the temptation to just give up. She wants things to be more simple, return to the way they were. The song touches on environmental issues, drug and alcohol addiction, governmental issues, and more. 

Only The Dark:

This song has a simple, quirky melody underneath the vocals. Flay is saying goodbye to something good, whether that be a person or moment. The chorus has real pop-electronic influence, making this goodbye feel more hopeful. 


This flowy track is for Flay’s father, and how she sees him within herself. Flay speaks of attempting to separate herself from him because of his addiction issues, but she realizes how similar she looks and acts to her father. He will always be a part of her, even if she doesn't want him to be. 

Solutions is available to stream on all platforms now.