MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: 4th and Orange's "Girl Next Door"


4th and Orange, a pop reggae group new on the scene, premiered their debut single “Girl Next Door” earlier this year in June. The track is an exciting first single for the band, with easy and fun music that’s perfect for your next summer backyard party or casual radio listening. 

The music video, directed by Michael Garcia who is known for the “BHAD BHABIE” music video, is the perfect visual addition to the song. 

Something severely underrated and underused in music videos is acting. The storyline of the song played out perfectly in a music video.

Music videos that follow the story of the song (whether obviously like this one, or not in the case of something like “Take Me To Church” by Hozier) emphasize one of music’s strengths: storytelling. 

One of the most creative things in the video was when Garrett Douglas, the frontman and singer of the group, makes eye contact with the girl next door, the song is played through her earbuds.

It’s a small detail but it’s a cute addition that takes the viewer away from the song for a moment to focus on the video. 

Although this is 4th and Orange’s first single and music video, it is clear that they are on an exciting track for some relaxing and fun music. Hopefully, they will continue to release music with light-hearted stories similar to “Girl Next Door,” (and hopefully, more music videos as well).

Photo credit: Monique Chavez

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