SHOW REVIEW: Chase Atlantic


The best word to sum up Chase Atlantic’s Phases tour is energetic.

Their newest album, PHASES, has an outer space aesthetic to it. It was easy to feel like this concert was from another universe—it was just…different.


From the very beginning of the concert (even when the opener, Lauren Sanderson, was on stage) to the very last song from Chase Atlantic, the excitement inside August Hall was palpable. From the barricade to the very back of the crowd, zealous dancing and singing united us all.

From the drum solo that started off the set to the “F*ck yeah!” chant that brought Chase Atlantic back for an encore, the crowd was unapologetically loud. The members of Chase Atlantic— Mitchel Cave, Clinton Cave, and Christian Anthony—made sure to match the energy and show their appreciation for it. Throughout the night, there were many expressions of gratitude, and looks of amazement as the crowd sang every word back.

Mitchel Cave danced across the stage as he belted the words to songs such as “Friends”, “LIKE A ROCKSTAR”, and “Swim”. Occasional visuals broadcasted song lyrics and cinematic scenes. Frankly, there was never a boring moment during the show. The hype was only amplified when Clinton Cave whipped out the saxophone for a couple of songs. It made the show more authentic, interesting, and all the more impressive.


When they first walked off stage after saying goodbye, the crowd wasn’t ready for them to leave. They chanted “one more song!” until Mitchel, ever the crowd-pleaser, asked, “You want another one?” The guys came back on stage and performed the track “Okay” from their self-titled album.

The song’s beat required you to dance along; it was impossible to stand still. The venue was rocking as everyone got down. At one point, the guys had everyone crouch on the ground and wait for the beat drop. The synths paused, an electronic drum fill played, and the crowd went ballistic as the performance closed with a bang. Smiles were aplenty as everyone went hard to the last song of the night.

From start to finish, it was clear that Chase Atlantic was on a mission to imprint their performance in the minds of every single audience member. With upbeat songs, an enthralling energy, and a robust setlist, they succeeded.