Empowerment and Enlightenment: Ariana's Sweetener Tour Review

watching normani open and then ariana grande headline boston’s td garden i was overcome with a sense of empowerment. 

here are two amazingly talented women giving an arena everything they have, and they’re absolutely nailing what it means to be a performer. 

but, while ariana grande is belting and dancing on stage with a crew of backup dancers, incredible lighting visuals, and multiple costume changes, it occurs to me that this is what women artists have to do. 

out of all the concerts i’ve been to, only two have been headlined by women, one being ariana grande. and most of men headlining (most) don’t put as much nearly as much effort into their sets as these women do. 

you don’t see these men dancing around on the stage, or having multiple costume changes, and do they have to? no. an artist doesn’t have to do anything if they don’t want to. but these women put so much effort into their shows and most of the time are still placed below the men in the industry. 

when normanie came on stage with an all female band, many all female dancers, dancing and belting through her short opening set- it was empowering. 

and when ariana opened with ‘god is a woman’ as she and her dancers rose up from the stage sitting at a table modeled after “the last supper”. 

or when she danced for almost every single song and still was able to keep the same quality in her singing voice. 

or when she and her dancers walked across the stage waiving pride flags to end the concert on ‘thank u, next’. 

or when you see the voting registration tables at her concert and the videos she played before to encourage her young fan base to get involved and make a difference. 

or when you remember what happened at her manchester show just two years ago, and the fact that despite that she’s still touring and giving back to her fans. 

that’s when you realise you’re seeing an empowering woman giving an audience her all and trying to empower them as well. 

that’s when you realise you went to the right concert.