SONG REVIEW: MUNA's "Number One Fan"


thank god, MUNA have finally come back on the scene and in a MAJOR way. after laying low for the past two years after the release of their first album about u, we have been blessed once again by the release of “number one fan.” along with its release came the promise of a new album, saves the world, in late september. if “number one fan” is at all indicative of the rest of the tracklist, i feel pretty confident saying this will be in my list of top 5 albums this year.

“number one fan” is a high energy, synth heavy piece that makes me want to dance around every time it comes on (which is a lot, because I can’t stop listening to it). the bassline is funky and intricate, countering the melody and emphasizing the song’s dance-like nature. bright shiny synths and 808s punctuate the track and add to the groovy aura.

With the opening line “so i heard the bad news, nobody likes me and i’m gonna die alone,” “number one fan” sports a quick lyrical fake-out in the first verse before focusing on its central theme. a growing rate of depression/anxiety (reflected in immortal memes like “forever alone”) have categorized the millennial/z generations with a feeling of isolation and questioned worthiness. “number one fan” seeks to reconcile some of that. rather than embracing existential depression, they’ve decided to essentially fake it til they make it. The prechorus describes the subject “lookin’ in the mirror,” giving themselves a pep talk reminiscent of coming of age films. the chorus is an energetic profession of self love, gushing “oh my god like, i’m your number one fan, so iconic, like big, like stan,” speaking in direct opposition to all of the negative thoughts that originate both internally and externally. the bridge is a challenge to themselves: “love me in the way that only you can, be my number one.” there’s something incredibly cathartic about being willing to say positive things about yourself, even if you don’t quite believe them yet. MUNA is encouraging both themselves and their listeners to stick up for ourselves against the cynicism and doubts of everyday life.

there’s a photo on their twitter page of jo in a shirt that reads, “in some ways i feel i have saved myself and in that way i feel i have saved the world.'' “number one fan” is evidence that MUNA is out to save themselves, to own their flaws and misgivings while simultaneously refusing to give up on themselves or give into the defeatist attitude so prevalent in today’s youth. based on their past album and “number one fan,” this quote is highly reflective of their work as a whole, and it thrills me to think about their upcoming album.

“number one fan” is available to stream now on all platforms, and keep an eye out for the release of saves the world later this year.