House Parade: Jordie Saenz EP Review


jordie saenz is a bedroom folk artist out of southern california, and he released an ep entitled house parade back in march. i know it seems kind of silly to do a review 3 months after it was released, but in my defense i really wanted to take the time to soak in every aspect. jordie’s the kind of artist who thrives on detail and nuance, so every time i listen to house parade i get caught by something new. i can’t overstate just how important this ep has been to me over the past few months, and i highly encourage that you take a listen for yourself.

house parade is filled with gentle and effervescent instrumentals, opening like the first buds of spring. jordie’s masterful guitar picking melds with intricate basslines, synth, pipes, even a glockenspiel to create an ethereal and inviting atmosphere for his poignant lyrics to really shine through.

jordie has one of those tender voices that makes the listener immediately feel safe, and his lyricism is vulnerable and intimate. house parade touches on love, family ties, and the challenges therein. there’s so much intentionality in the way that jordie writes, so that even the most massive and vague topics are suddenly accessible and easily understood. honestly, the lyrics in this ep make me want to yell from the rooftops, and i feel like his craftsmanship is what truly sets jordie above and apart in the industry.

“make gold,” for example, the second song on the ep, is the song that focuses most around familial love and brokenness. in the opening line, jordie compares his “brother” to an alchemist (alchemy being a medieval “science” focused around the transformation of materials, especially base metals, into gold). in the chorus, he encourages his brother to seek redemption for familial misgivings with the line, “don’t be so quick to cast aside your mother’s lead, when you could make gold.” i can’t find the proper words to explain why, but that line hit me like a ton of bricks.

I highly recommend carving out some time in your schedule to give this ep a listen. It’s available wherever you stream music, and it’s very much worth the time.