Denny Disco

DENNY is Alexander Rollins, Randon Nelson, and Sully. Founded in 2015 in Minneapolis after too many rounds of failure and heartbreak, DENNY started sprinkling their brand of tarnished pop online. While initial demos wandered around Hype Machine and Soundcloud, the band’s 2016 release “Bloom” hit Spotify’s Fresh Finds, landed the group on stages with Miike Snow, Jr Jr, and Robert DeLong.

Editor-in-chief Kariann was able to sit down with the group and get to know the intricacies of the band and whatnot. Read more below.

Hey guys! How are we all doing today?

Great! I (Alexander) am currently on the Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Kyoto in Japan. Catching up on emails and finishing some edits on our next music video. 

Anything interesting coming up for the next week?

We’re announcing our next Minneapolis performance AND will have a music video release to announce.

Let's talk about the beginnings of DENNY. How did it come to be, and does Minneapolis have an influence in the way you create your music?

DENNY was formed in 2015 after watching our dreams dissolve in another band. We’re obsessed with creating our favorite band and we’ve managed to do so. A lot of our songs from this era of the project are written about my life from 18-20, which was mostly spent feeling out of place in my hometown, but also looking back fondly on what Minneapolis has given us. 

"Woke Up In The Hills" is a beautiful track, to say the least. What inspired you guys to produce something like this, and what is the meaning behind the track?

We were headed to Los Angeles in August 2018 to record a bunch of songs but didn’t have the “one”. Then, a few nights before we left, I had an idea for a song that could be equal parts James Bond theme as it was a dark, disco thriller. We took it to LA to work on it with our dear friend Eric Palmquist and lived in John Lennon’s hideaway in the Hollywood Hills while working out there. The rest is history. 

Lyrically, it’s a few memories of teenage, reckless me mashed into one romanticized vision. 

Is it safe to say that we can expect more tracks like this?

Just wait. 

What artists do you hope to see yourselves collaborating within the near future?

We’ve got a pretty cool collaboration coming out in a month or so with a couple of amazing Minneapolis-based artists. We’re all huge hip hop and R&B fans, so we’re working on some more projects in that realm. 

Our biggest collab will be the launch of our clothing brand later on in 2019 or in early 2020. 

What can we expect from you guys in the coming year?

A lot of new music every month or so and videos for each song. We call all of these releases Gauche. Oh, and shows in as many cities and countries as we can