SONG REVIEW: Slenderbodies' "Dewdrops"


“dewdrops” opens slowly, fading in with a funky beat and building ever so steadily to its soft first verse. Indeed, everything about the song feels slow and moody—like wading through a dimly lit swimming hole. It wasn’t until the first chorus, when the beat picked up, that I really sat back and thought, “Oh, I like this.”

By the end, I was bopping along to the unique sound and, for lack of a better term, weird tone. The lyrics emanated like thick liquid dripping through the speakers, yet the synth in the background gave it a vibrant quality. Most significantly, the abstract nature and fluidity of the tune perfectly represent their album art aesthetic: mixed and meshed colors, shapes, and textures that culminate in a wholly pleasant experience.

“dewdrops” is more of a risk than slenderbodies’ previous work, like their most known, “anemone,” which currently has over 20 million streams. It feels like a transition into a more experimental territory for Max Vehuni and Benji Cormack, who sing, write, produce, and mix all their own tracks. Nevertheless, it was still clearly still the same artist and the same aesthetic, just with flashy new tricks and rock-solid fundamentals they’ve picked up while touring with Milky Chance, Passion Pit, and PVRIS.

Regarding the new song, the pair “wanted to write ‘dewdrops’ as a love letter to the creative spaces [they] have [and] felt the song should be this surreal, hypnotic moment on the record.” Their connection to nature and its peaceful aura is palpable, not only in the lyrics but also in the sensations the song evokes—like one is digging their toes into the damp dirt and inhaling the fresh air.

Ultimately, slenderbodies successfully stamps their signature sound on this groovy yet melancholic track. Whether it’s one of the tunes off their previous EP, Soraya,or their remix of Niall Horan’s top 40 hit, “On the Loose,” slenderbodies, with their signature heavy beats and intimate atmosphere, have a distinct style that listeners can’t help but recognize and nod along to.