IDKHOW 1.png

Deliriously sassy.

That’s the two words I would use to accurately sum up I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME’S performance last night at the Union Stage in Washington D.C. Right from the get-go, the audience was introduced to lead vocalist and guitarist Dallon Weekes garbed in flowery attire, accompanied by drummer Ryan Seaman with his gloriously shiny red jacket. They were dressed to impress, and from thereon, boy, were we in for a show.


The audience was electric right from the very beginning. This perfectly accentuated Dallon’s zaniness during his speeches - including the moment when he joked about playing his ex-band The Brobecks’ single “Visitation of a Ghost” for 10 hours straight. It was clear that the audience truly resonated with Dallon and his humor, which is something we don’t often get to see from artists during their live shows.

Humor and speeches aside, the best part of the show was their shining setlist. Mixed in with iDKHOW hits were a couple tracks from The Brobecks’ discography; they treated the audience to a wonderful cluster of dreamy and energetic performances, making for a great time. From “Bike Ride” to “Do It All The Time”, older and newer fans will be delighted by aspects of the show. I can attest to that myself for sure; as a casual fan that got a little more loco for iDKHOW after their performance: you definitely won’t regret seeing them on tour.