SONG REVIEW: Dinah Jane's "Retrograde"


on may 8th, dinah jane released her song ‘retrograde’ as a surprise for her fans. the “dinahsty” begged for the song to be available on streaming platforms for months, so dinah decided to spoil them by dropping ‘retrograde’ just a few weeks after her debut project came out.

‘retrograde’ is an upbeat, sassy tune about being in a relationship that’s slowly going sour. even though dinah doesn’t want this person, she still can’t seem to let them go. the song has a mix of everything, from a crisp trap beat to a slow and sexy prechorus. dinah delivers a bunch of melodic bars on the verses and the chorus, then shows off her vocal ability on the prechorus, singing ‘i'm just tryna hold on, put us on a rewind, can't see you with nobody else’. overall, the song’s danceable chorus and saucy lyrics give it high replay value.

much like dinah’s other releases so far, ‘retrograde’ is the perfect mix of sassy and sexy. this song will definitely make you ‘run that back’ and play it on repeat.