SONG REVIEW: Carly Rae Jepsen's "Too Much"


yesterday, our pop music overlord and legendary disco queen carly rae jepsen dropped a new single, “too much”, in lieu of her upcoming album dedicated. filled with synths that clock in and out throughout the first few seconds of the song before beckoning us to miss. jepsen’s voice, the track is filled with nothing but ethereal goodness that lasts for the entirety of the track.

the melody ascends in bits and pieces, with the emotion of pure, unadulterated love seething through the cracks of the song. carly recognizes this, and instead of negating it, emphasizes it through the lyrics (“‘cause when i get so low/it takes me higher”). it makes for a hugely enjoyable pop track, with a semblance of disco-infused beats.

jepsen has previously released “julien”, “now that i found you”, “party for one” and “no drug like me” as a precursor to her upcoming album. make sure to stream it now on spotify and give her playlists and whirl, as you will definitely not regret it.