A House Show Review


From what started as a joke on Twitter became something that helps Jake Germany of Phangs connect to his fans in different way from many bands. With the intimate setting of a home, you get to experience music and connections in a more personal way. You feel more like a friend of the band than a fan. Sitting on the floor or the couch to listen to stripped versions of the beautiful Phangs songs creates a special connection that you may not feel at a typical venue.

Since the beginning of Phangs, Jake has had a close connection to the people that listen to his music. He lovingly refers to the group as his “pham” and truly treats them like they are his family. Regular chats on Twitter and comments on Instagram help everyone to feel like they are in the loop and a part of his life. Jake is always trying to make sure his fans know that they are appreciated and noticed. Sharing the biggest moments in life with the “pham”, from his marriage to Hope to the birth of his son Sonny, he has allowed everyone to share in his joys every step of the way.

On the day of the show everyone arrived excited to hang out with the many friends they have already made from following Phangs, and to meet and make new ones. The night started with finding the many John Cena decorations hidden around the house and Jake plucking away at the guitar underneath the conversations. The funny part of having a show in a home is while everyone intently listens to the music, the pizza delivery person may just interrupt in the middle of a song.

We got to hear stories of when Jake went on his first Warped Tour in 2008 performing alongside Katy Perry at the beginning of her rise to stardom. A little prank was played on the drummer Tom where we all uncomfortably sat staring at him as he walked into the room. At the end of the night we ended up in a circle talking about the most random things. Jake talked about his wife and son and shared funny stories about being on the road with Tom. We all just really got to know Jake and Tom and each other standing in the kitchen that night.

Personally, I am grateful that the joke of a house tour turned into something real. I have made many friends from these shows that I am not sure I would have made in the noise and commotion of a regular venue show. While I still love the excitement of those shows, sometimes an intimate setting is exactly what you need to make friendships you will never lose and memories you will never forget.