Christian French


Christian French is a 22 year singer/ songwriter from Indiana. In the past year, he has opened for Chelsea Cutler in her sold out North American tour and released an ep ‘Natural Colors’. He is currently on tour opening up for Quinn XCII. We got to sit down and chat with him before the St. Louis show about his new single “heavy snow”, what he does in his free time, and what he has planned for 2019. 

shot by jennifer nguyen.

shot by jennifer nguyen.

Hey, how are you today?

Christian: I am great, a little tired from this tour, but we are in St. Louis which is my manager JP’s hometown. It’s a really good feeling because we have a lot of buddies here. We get to play Chicago tomorrow and I’m from Indiana so that’s really close to home. 

Last Friday, your new single “Heavy Snow” came out. How did this song come to be? 

Christian: Honestly, the exact situation that happened was that we were in New York. We were listening to Chelsea Cutler’s drummer’s band play in their apartment and it was really really good and for some reason I couldn’t focus on the music. I was so insecure about what was going on inside my head and I was like “oh, I can’t do that.”

I was just being really hard on myself about things that I shouldn’t have been hard on myself about. I was amazed at how they had just played a whole rock song in front of me and I didn’t even hear it. I just completely didn’t hear it. That was the big eye opener for me and It just really got the ball rolling and getting the inspiration to get out of that and to stop having that feeling. You miss a lot really quickly. To me, it was just miserable to be so locked inside my head and worrying about so many things when so many great things were happening around me and I was just missing it. That kind of got the idea in my head and then once I got the chance to go home. I just sat at the piano and the words came. 

Was the writing process for this song different than your other songs?

Christian: Different in the way that as soon as I started writing it, I just felt this weight come off my chest. That’s not always the case, sometimes writing happy songs you are still getting this personal emotion off your chest but this literally just felt like it freed me from all the baggage that was weighing me down. It was one of those things that once I started writing and I had the idea, it was like on paper in an hour and I just wrote everything perfectly that I wanted to say. 

This is your second us tour, what is your favorite thing about touring?

Christian: I really love meeting people after the shows. That’s one of my favorite things. Seeing people that I’ve been connected with for a while that have been DMing me and just been consistently supporting my music. It’s just really cool to see them in person and get to hang out with them. Obviously, the shows are just great and the energy on stage is something I’ve never felt before. 

I’d imagine that touring and making music would be super fun but exhausting. Is there anything you enjoy doing personally in your spare time?

shot by jennifer nguyen.

shot by jennifer nguyen.

Christian: On the bus when we have big long drives, I usually on Instagram looking at DMs and responding to them. It’s a thing a lot of pride in is being really connected and active with my fans. After that, when I have my own time I’m reading books usually. Spiritual/self help books if I can, if not then fiction like the Narnia series. I don’t know which book I’m on, but  I really like the series. Honestly, listening to music and looking out the window and just trying to be present.

What are some of your favorite songs right now?

Christian: I might to pullout my phone for this one! John Mayer is my all time go to dude. I like listening to him a lot but currently right now I really liking Pink $weats. He’s an up and coming artist. I’m really just into his music right now.I listen to a lot of Khalid as well. SG Lewis has got the best instrumentals  in the game. I’m really completely across the board though. I don’t like listening to the same song over and over again until I just burn out and don’t want want to listen to it again.l I try to keep real loose with what I listen to.

Lastly, what can fans expect to see from you this year?

Christian: I’m starting to get a nice little back catalogue of music that I’m really excited about. We are starting to figure out just who we are as a team and it is becoming better and better with each release. We are really creating the music that we want to put out and every song means a whole lot to me. They’re very carefully written instead of just.

I’m just more excited about my music than I ever been. I’m trying to get on my own tour this fall which is very new and exciting for me. Cant wait to just be there with my fans, but music wise im trying to keep it consistent . I know I’ve been holding out on releasing music. I really want to consistently be giving music this year.

Check out his new single “Heavy Snow” out now.