An Ode to Pollen: The Spotify Playlist for All Your Musical Needs


I can’t remember how the algorithm suggested it to me, but whatever mystical technology Spotify has developed to learn our deepest musical temptations, they knew me well. Pollen became my go-to playlist, with its interesting fusion of indie-rap-rock-pop songs, often plucked straight from an up-and-coming artist’s album.

The Spotify playlist has a little bit of everything, best enjoyed playing through car's speakers on a good road trip or blasted in an empty room, but it brightens any commute or chore.

It offers a well- balanced combination of what I can only describe as all things indie: indie-rap, rock, and pop. Occasionally, Pollen will throw in a song more dedicated to a specific genre, but always tied to the idea of a consistent rhythm and beat that transcends classification.

Pollen is the playlist always transforming itself, not afraid to dodge out of comfort zones, refresh its entire playlist weekly, and throw yours for a spin. It never gets old because it evolves as fast as the current music scene, on a sort of frenzied rush with the aid of the Internet and independent publishers.

Pollen allows you to uncover new artists and sink into the old classics you love, all with a simple click.

Featuring artists like Vampire Weekend, Blood Orange, Joey Purp, The Marias, and Solange, Pollen is the playlist as versatile and fluid as the modern listener. It’s easy to get lost in side-paths and old albums from newly discovered artists off Pollen.

In the end, if you still insist trying to put Pollen in a genre, what will it tell you? Why, the first thing you see when you open the playlist: “Quality first always.”  

thinkpiecesGrace Fiori