REVIEW: Girl In Red's "I Need To Be Alone"


you ever have those feelings where you just need to stop time, take a break, and think about what to do next? i know i feel that way. gay icon marie ulven, or known by her stage name girl in red, released another bedroom-pop bop and we all felt what she felt when she wrote it. she speaks about feeling like she overthinking, wasting precious moments of life, and spacing out. these are all symptoms of emotional distress and sometimes fatigue. you try to do your best, and even when you put in 100%, it doesn’t work out.

the title “i need to be alone.” already tells us that she is in need of a time of isolation. isolation can be beneficial because it allows you to chill the hell out and think about things. usually, isolating yourself isn’t good because you reject support from peers, but marie is talking about a healthy amount of it. the starting lyric “i’m wasting my life on pointless things” makes me relate to her. how do we know what’s pointless and what’s not? this is why she says “i sometimes think, ‘when does life begin’” and its a type of existential question.

pretty bluntly, she says “i need to be alone / or i’m gonna lose my shit.” what a mood. its one of those songs where everything sounds catchy and upbeat but if you really listen to the lyrics, it’s deep and you realize that the writer is on the verge of a mental crisis. but it’s okay though because we’ve all been there! (it’s not really good.) the second verse begins with “i’m just waiting for something to change.” we all need a change in our life. sticking to the same damn thing for a long period of time can make us go insane. it can make us feel like we’re stuck and can’t get out. sometimes, just waiting to exit your comfort zone isn’t gonna cut it, so we have to take action.

marie ulven has written a groovy ballad about teenage angst and finding comfort within oneself. it’s important to take a good message from this, because even when we can’t find words to explain how we feel, our emotions can speak for us and they should speak for us. i’ve had this song on repeat for a while now and i suggest you to listen to it immediately.