Aly & AJ Break the Mold With New Single "Church"


i’ve gotta be honest, a big part of why I love aly + aj so much is because i grew up jamming along to their music videos on disney channel and watching them get into hijinks in various disney channel original movies. nostalgia aside though, their most recent release “church” is a testament to their talent and ability to grow far past their original disney box.

“church” is a synth heavy and atmospheric anthem for a lot of us, with lyrics describing a paradox between not feeling guilt about certain actions but seekingsome sort of redemption for them anyway. the song opens gently, with the admission “i do bad things for the sake of good times, i don’t, i don’t regret” over a simple chord progression. it quickly blossoms into the chorus, bringing in an 808 beat and a quicker bassline to match the urgency of the lyrics.

this song encapsulates the reality of the human condition, that push and pull between the good intentions we have and the somewhat depressing reality that we don’t always want to keep them. the pre-chorus puts it succinctly, “i need redemption for sins i can’t mention”. There are various “sins” alluded to throughout the verses and chorus and most of them are internal, such as selfishness and lack of remorse. despite that initial statement of “i don’t regret”, though, the chorus has aly + aj fully admitting that they “need a little church”.

no matter your personal feelings on the church as an institution, i think that aly + aj are setting a worthy example in writing a song so focused on confession and admitting fault where fault is due, even if it’s due internally. maybe even especially then.

listen to “church” on all streaming services and catch them on their sanctuary tour starting may 1st.