“ME!” Is An Over the Top, Technicolor Masterpiece and I Love All of It


After days, or if you’re a die-hard Swiftie, more like months, of anticipation, Taylor Swift dropped her latest single entitled “ME!” featuring Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco.  For weeks, Taylor’s been dropping Easter Eggs on her instagram, and fans have become the ultimate sleuths trying to figure them out, putting detectives around the world to shame. In the last few days, however, Swift finally spoke up and dropped a countdown, and then some more hints, and a mural, and some cryptic Instagram photos which finally culminated in Thursday night’s premiere of “ME!”.

Now, I’ve been a fan of Taylor since I was in middle school so it’s safe to say that she would have my attention for just about anything at this point, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to approach any new music the way I do for any other artist: with an open mind.  And, that’s kind of what you need to wrap your head around “ME!”. This technicolor uptempo hit is fun and danceable with a poppy drum beat which layers wonderfully with Swift’s strong and sweet vocals. “ME!” is energetic and wild, with a video just as colorful to match, but the thing is, it’s not a slow, lyrically tragic “All Too Well” or “Back to December”, because, not every song is!  If we’re going to have a diversity of music produced in a single genre or even under a single artist, we need to accept the songs that mend our hearts and hold our hands when we’re alone along with the songs that ask us to just enjoy life and have fun.

The music video for this track is somewhat of a trip, starting off with an elegantly dressed Swift and Urie having a comically melodramatic argument before Swift storms out of the room and enters what can only be described as the most rainbow version of Candyland imaginable.  Swift cycles through dance routines in gowns and suits in front of backdrops nearly as bright as she is while Urie pops in from time to time with a bright, energetic voice and some perfectly colorful suits as well. This track is a playful experiment with color, love, and all around over the top-ness.  Overall, “ME!” is just plain fun. It’s loud, bubblegum, glittery, dazzling, perfect fun. Swift has this ability to draw you in with everything she releases, from soft country tracks like “Forever and Always” to bombastic fight songs like “I Did Something Bad”, and “ME!” is no exception to this rule. It has the kind of energy “Shake It Off” does that just makes you want to dance, and honestly, dress only in glitter for about a week.  The song makes you forget about the world for a minute in favor of focusing on melting rainbow dresses and chicks with sunglasses (if you’re confused, check out the video) and I, for one, welcome this spot of sunshine in my day. Check out the video for Swift and Urie’s new single below!