Lil Dicky Drops Star-Studded  ‘Earth’ Video To Bring Awareness to Climate Change

lil dicky/youtube

lil dicky/youtube

lil dicky dropped an animated collaborative music video featuring music’s biggest names, including justin bieber and ariana grande, as an initiative to bring awareness to the climate change.

the song and music video features cameos of over 30 celebrities, including shawn mendes, snoop dogg, ed sheeran, kevin hart, sia, halsey, brendon urie, miley cyrus and leonardo dicaprio. the music video discovers ecosystems and countries around the world, and brings attention the impact that humans have had on it, and where it could end up if we continue living the way we are.

‘earth’ is a part of a bigger environmental initiative that focuses on spreading the awareness of climate change, and is released the weekend before earth day.

the video redirects viewers to, which features videos of lil dicky explaining the effects global warming is causing our planet, the solutions to reversing climate change, and how we can help save the planet’s future.

the website features ways to take action, including signing a petition, taking quizzes to measure and control your carbon footprint, and registering to vote to make change in the united states.

all proceeds raised, including proceeds from sustainable ‘earth’ merch sales, are going towards the leonardo dicaprio foundation and its sponsors to work towards a greener planet.

Stream ‘Earth’, check out the hilarious animated video below, and share on social media with #SaveTheEarth to get involved with the movement!