Dinah Jane 1: A Review


for the past two weeks, dinah jane has been teasing her debut solo project, dinah jane 1, hinting that a collection of songs would be released on april 19, 2019. the former fifth harmony member released the songs through a countdown with a new track coming out every five hours. the ep’s three tracks all have the vibe of a 90s cassette tape with their r&b instrumentals and smooth, soulful vocals.

heard it all before: a sassy, synth-driven bop that’ll be stuck in your head for at least the next three decades. this track has an infectious beat and instagram caption worthy lyrics, like “how does it feel when i curve you?” ‘heard it all before’ is a great opening track and a strong introduction to who dinah jane is.

pass me by: a slow but sexy tune where dinah questions how she ever let a lover slip out of her reach. the instrumental is relaxed and dinah’s soothing vocals blend perfectly in this mellowed out track. ‘pass me by’ would be the perfect song for a late night drive through the city.

fix it: this piano ballad exposes dinah’s emotional side, and it’s nothing short of heartbreaking. ‘fix it’ features a stunning vocal performance from dinah as she laments over an unstable relationship with a family member. this is dinah’s most vulnerable track to date, and is definitely worth a listen for someone who experiences troubles with their loved ones.

dinah’s first collection of songs is diverse while still showing her versatility as both an artist and a vocalist. if you want to be transported back to the era of 90s r&b, then give dinah jane’s first release a listen.

you can listen to dinah’s self titled ep here: