Carter Reeves


following the release of carter’s newest single, “alone time”, editor-in-chief kariann sat down with the man himself to discuss his music, his influences, and many more. carter reeves has just recently become a critical darling, with spins being featured on beats 1 radio with support from bigger media outlets as well.

Hey Carter! How are you doing today?

HEY! Listen, I'll be honest, I'm doing alright. My landlord told me to be around at noon for a electrician to come by. I went to the gym, all hyped up on the day. I'm about to get on the bike, when I get a call from the electrician saying he's standing outside. Yeah, that's sort of how this week has been going. But, only good things going forward! We love it!


Let’s touch on your recent single “Alone Time”. Where did the idea of the song stem from for you, and what are the biggest influences behind your track?

I always try to capture whatever is on my mind the day that I'm writing the song. I had recently gotten out of a relationship in which the reason for splitting up was due to wanting to spend more time on ourselves. That sort of sparked the inner dialogue of the balance between being career oriented vs. nourishing a romance. The sonic inspirations on this came from Khruangbin, Omar Apollo, while of course putting my own spin on things.

Was there something you intentionally wanted to achieve while creating the track?

I got tired of having my music be a "stepping stone" toward the style I finally wanted to reach. This felt like the first song I said, "why wait?" and just didn't stop developing until it perfectly hit the nail on the head.

Artists nowadays tend to pursue an “aesthetic” - something that allows them to cultivate a personality and style when promoting themselves. What would you say your aesthetic would be?

All over the place. Ha, no, I'm kidding, but honestly I think my aesthetic is transparency. I'm not some veiled, ominous enigma of an artist, nor am I a crystal clear, baby-faced pop-star. I'm me. Sometimes I change my mind, sometimes I over-commit, sometimes I make mistakes. My goal, and my brand is to be open and honest about that stuff, while maintaining a light hearted, and entertaining mood. I'm the Cali Pop, surf rock, west coast transplant, make ya laugh, dance man.

Have you learnt anything from your experience growing as an artist today?

Yeah. It takes time. It all takes time, and effort. It's not going to happen overnight, and honestly if it did, that wouldn't be the success I want. To put it in Ms. [Kacey] Musgraves' words, "I'm alright with a slow burn." Patience truly is key, and I'd much rather take 5 years to get where I'm going, then be around for 30, than take a month and be gone in a month. All great things are worth fighting for.

What can we expect from you this upcoming year?

Singles, singles, singles. Touring, touring, touring. Come see me in your city! I'm going to be on the road a ton, as well as consistently dropping a stream of what is and will continue to be my best music yet!