Nashville-based duo (of cousins Jonathan Capeci and Joey Beretta) Nightly are fresh off a headlining tour and released a new single, “Twenty Something.” Our writer, Bridget Lavin, sat down with Jonathan to talk about their songwriting-process, touring, and what’s next for Nightly.

Growing up, did you find that you were always drawn to music and performing together (with Joey), or was that aspect of your relationship something that developed as you grew older?

we definitely always wanted to make music together. we got matching guitars when we were 11 years old.


In the last few years you've toured with NF, Kesha, and Zella Day, but now you're out on another headlining tour. What's that transition been like and how are you enjoying tour?

opening was fun, and we’re very grateful for each artist that had us out, but headlining has always been our ultimate goal. when you open you have a shorter set, and you’re trying to win the crowd over in a small amount of time. when you headline, it’s your show, and people come to sing your songs. we get to put together a full set that showcases who we are and have our own lights/production. this headline tour has been amazing.

You released your second EP, the sound of your voice at the end of 2018. what prompted you to follow up with "no call, no reply," released on feb 22, so soon after?

we’re the kind of band that writes a lot, so we’re always getting excited about the new stuff we’re writing. and I love the idea of releasing a bunch of songs each year. it’s just fun for us.

what inspires you in your writing process? how has it developed you over the years?

we just kind of write about stuff that’s going on in our lives. writing is therapeutic for me so we do it all the time. even if I had to have some other job as an accountant or something (which wouldn’t work out bc I’m terrible at math) I’d still make music for fun. the process isn’t anything crazy. I just write phrases down in my phone, or sing melodies that pop into my head into a voice memo then I usually take a little time most days to turn it into a song or a part of a song. joey and I work together all the time too. I just bring these little starts to songs and joey will come up with really inspiring guitar parts.

your new single "no call, no reply" is so full of emotion, can you talk about the writing process on that single?

just happened like a lot of the rest of the songs we write. I had a note in my phone with that title “no call, no reply” and one day joey and I sat down to write in la and he came up with that super cool ‘police-esk’ guitar part and the rest flowed super easily.

how does it feel to see fans get tattoos for you on social media and in person on tour?

it always surprises us, no matter how many times we see one it always feels like the first time. will forever be one of the craziest things/feelings.

what's next for nightly after wrapping up tour?

we have a bunch of new music that we’re mixing now, so once that’s done we’ll release more song, and more shows of course!

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