100 Bad Days/Birthday Party AJR Singles Review


after months of speculation, two new singles from ajr have left us all speechless. the three brothers banded together again with a new album, neotheater, set to release in late april 2019. the trio, hailing from manhattan, are an indie-pop band whose name “ajr” comes from the initials of the brothers names, adam, jack, and ryan met. first coming to fame in 2014 with “im ready” and again in 2016 with “weak,” there is no doubt that the three have talent with a super unique sound that hasn't been heard before. the two new singles, birthday party and 100 days, are both certified bops with the same exciting and spunky sound from their last album. you’re guaranteed to be dancing with these ones.  

already releasing a music video with an upwards of 1.3 million views on youtube and 13 million streams on spotify, 100 bad days was the first to be released of the two. with a slow intro and a catchy chorus, you’re going to want to leave this one on repeat. the song speaks about being scared of the bad days but instead of being afraid, embracing them and turning those bad days into good ones. the new visuals and cinematics for the music video are unlike anything they’ve done in the past. the sort of emptiness and static visuals of the video show the theme of the “100 bad days” that they are experiencing. their new video is definitely something beyond compare.

birthday party is the second single that was just released. taking a sarcastic approach in a sense, the song is all about ignorance and bliss in how nothing can possibly ever go wrong and everything will always be okay. the song starts as a baby first being born and brought into the world. the upbeat trumpets and background vocals leading into the chorus truly show the youthful innocence of the song. since he’s just being born, its technically his birthday and he’s talking about the future. the lyrics show how innocent he is in thinking that everything is going to be okay as it has previously always been.

in a recent album trailer, they had compared their creative process for this album to the goldilocks story as they had tried to make all the songs “just right” but then realized that being “just right” is overrated and unimportant. the tracklist for the new album features other song titles such as, next up forever and break my face. this new album will definitely feature an array of new sounds and our team is excited to hear it all. be sure to get tickets to catch them on their neotheater world tour in any of their 39 dates across the united states, uk, and more. but make sure you're standing because you’ll want to dance and move around. their live show is something you won’t want to miss.