did you know the jonas brothers are back?

After a six-year wait, “Sucker”, marks the Jonas Brothers’ return.

I am turning twenty this year. About eleven years ago, around 2008, my mom picked me up from school and told me that she got me tickets to see the Jonas Brothers in concert. My first real concert… and I didn’t give a shit. At eight (almost nine) years old, I thought I was too old for the Jonas Brothers. “We can sell the tickets if you don’t want to go,” I remember her saying. I told her that wouldn’t be necessary, because I was, in fact, a huge JoBros fan. I was a fan since the Jungle Book remake where they covered “I Wanna Be Like You,” and I loved “Kids of the Future” from the Meet the Robinsons soundtrack.

Now, don’t take this as me trying to validate my fanhood, or that I’m somehow better than you because of it. The day prior and after the release of this single, Twitter was full of elitist energy determining who was a “real” fan (i.e. anyone over the age of seventeen). That energy feels very 2007 to me, and I don’t think we should take that into consideration when moving into the new Jonas Brothers of 2019.

So much has happened since the Jonas Brothers disappeared in 2013. Kevin had his own reality tv show on E! (I was a viewer) and had two children. Joe started his own band, DNCE, and blessed us with “Cake by the Ocean” (easily one of my favorite songs of all time. I can’t not dance when I hear it). Nick gave us a shaved head, a new look, and a solo career that seemed to take off into a new world. He toured extensively and even played at St. Louis University (just a 15-minute drive for me) last year. Thanks, Nick. Joe got engaged, Nick got married and that wedding was all I heard about for a week. I’m sure other things happened too, but those are the bullet points.

Fans have been anticipating a Jonas Brothers return all along. The band tried a comeback before with the single “Pom Poms” back in 2013, but ultimately canceled it all. Shortly after, Joe wrote a piece for Vulture that revealed what it was like to be in the band from when he was a tween.

A whole six years later, it appears they are here for a full-on comeback this time. The reactivation of band accounts. The going all black on social media. It was happening. It happened on Friday. The first day of March, “Sucker” was given to us.

Right off the bat, “Sucker” gives us a modern Jonas Brothers take on pop music. The opening bass seemingly familiar to Portugal. The Man’s “Feel it Still.” Likewise, the Jonas Brothers are still here, giving us the love songs that they’re still so good at writing six years later.

I guess I could only summarize this single as one of the many viral tweets I saw about their return:

I’m happy to see that “Sucker” isn’t a step back to the fans they left back in 2010, but rather a display of maturity on the level where their fans are now; no more glossing over a taboo subject but straight to the point. Yes, they do have sex now, actually.

I also love the music video accompanying this. Once again, they are wanting to include their significant others in their music, which reminds us that it’s been six to nine years since the majority of their fanbase has paid attention to them.

I do hope their relationships aren’t exploited with their new music, which is how it must have been in 2009. They’re married men now, not boys. It is important that you do remember they are MEN now. That’s what I picked up on with “Sucker.”

With such a strong single at the beginning of their comeback, I’m very much looking forward to their next single, album, and maybe even the tour. I’ve already made plans to go to multiple tour dates if the opportunity arises. Their comeback is timely; bring on the nostalgia.

To finish the story, the Jonas Brothers was my very first concert. Despite what my mom thought, I definitely wasn’t “too cool” to go. I remember I screamed, but it felt weird screaming at the top of my lungs with everyone else in the Honda Center. To this day, my mom says that her hearing has never fully recovered from going to the show.

It was a great show too, and was the one that was recorded for the 3D concert movie experience. Notably, Taylor Swift came out to perform twice because the mics weren’t directly recording her. Since they announced their return, I can confirm that I’ve been constantly listening to Spotify’s This Is: Jonas Brothers playlist along with their concert movie soundtrack. Their music really does remind me of a happier and more innocent time, and it’s important to tap into that sense of nostalgia from time to time.

Upon completion of this article: I’m listening to “Paranoid” from Lines, Vines, and Trying Times. What about you?

Oh, and for the record…. I am a longtime Joe stan.