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known for their kaleidoscopic and hyper-melodic sound, pocket sun is a force to be reckoned with in the indie scene. check out kari’s little chat with them as she gets to know about their influences, style, and many more.

Hey! How are you guys doing today?

Everyone: We’re doing good, thanks!

First off, tell me a little bit about Pocket Sun. How was the collective formed, and how has it changed over a period of time?

Gina: We all knew each other from different places, and the band came together a bit like a daisy chain. The first two people to join forces were me and Hazel (we’re sisters!) and even before Pocket Sun, we’d been playing music together for years.

Beau: Yeah we’ve all kind of cross-pollinated between projects. At the start Gina was playing her music on her own, with a laptop, guitar and vocals. Often Hazel would be singing backing vocals. I used to play bass in Hazel’s band before that, so naturally I thought it would be good to offer myself up.

Gina: Then I met Alex (on drums) through playing with the tropical pop band Iguanas, followed by Beau joining them too. Alex and Beau make a dream-team rhythm section so it’s such a privilege having them play together in this project! For a short while we were a four-piece but I ended up juggling about ten instruments on stage, so we were on the search for one more member. Then we found our cutie Madeleina, who became the cherry on top (literally adding all the top synth lines and harmonies) and things have got better ever since.

courtesy of: press

courtesy of: press

What would you say best influences your music - could be an artist, a feeling, a song, a genre, go wild!

Beau: I think the fact we’re interpreting electronic music as a living organic entity has a big impact on how we sound. Tame Impala do that really well as a band.

Hazel: Hmmmm…Synths?

Gina: I agree with Hazel on the synths, and what Beau said! But I think for me it’s the feelings of reminiscing, escapism and self-reflection that become the biggest influences in my writing because they are usually at the heart of the whole idea or sound. And if a listener gets to feel something from your music too then everyone’s winning! In terms of other artists, there are so many incredible influences, too many to list here, but we have a Spotify playlist where you can actually hear some of our favourite bands and tunes!

(Click here to view their playlist.)

Let's talk a little about your new single "Tightly". What is it about, and what were the main ideas that you wanted to achieve going into the production of the song?

Gina: The song originated from me playing around on a synth, and looping and layering some melodies with my favourite silky soft brass sound. It had a really dreamy feel, as well as even being a bit lustful with the slow tempo. Something about this four bar loop wrote a whole story in my head. I really wanted it to embody the euphoric feeling of being so in love with a person that the world just falls away around you.  Like in the deepest depths of the honeymoon phase when you feel like your pupils look like gigantic hearts and you can't help but smile uncontrollably. Inevitably though, the cost of this warm fuzzy feeling is that other parts of your life take a backseat and can consequently suffer.

Once the song itself was finished I thought it would be great to make an animated video for it, but nothing too serious…just a bowl of fruit getting together to play the song!

What would you say would be the band's biggest accomplishment so far?

Hazel: Making it to rehearsal on time.

Gina: Yes! There was one rehearsal when we all arrived slightly early, which has never happened before (and will probably never happen again, let’s be honest). We felt like we deserved a medal that day!  Apart from that, just getting our full live show together has felt like an achievement. Especially for Hazel who ended up re-learning the songs on many different instruments along with me changing the keys and structures every couple of months. I’m glad we’re past that bit now (Sorry Hazel)!
Beau: It sounds cheesy, but I think the appreciation we’ve received from crowds has been an accomplishment in itself. People always have lovely things to say after our shows, which is really life-affirming.

Gina: Beau receives the most praise after our gigs! He’s as cool as a cucumber.

Is there anyone in specific that you'd like to tour with?

Beau: There’s this band from Melbourne I really like at the moment called Mildlife who I think would be great. They do insane stuff, it’s like 70’s inspired psychedelic jazz disco with proper vintage analog synths and sweet grooves. They’re actually playing in Bristol soon, we should probably just ask them!

Hazel: Little Dragon to geek out over their equipment, Dr Dog to hear their songs over and over. Literally would not miss a show.

Gina: Little Dragon would be top of my list too, along with Tame Impala (if we’re thinking that big). Washed Out would also be a good one because they’ve been performing with amazing stage visuals which is something we’re working towards too. Actually another great electronic Bristol band, Elder Island could be nice to tour with as Hazel’s friends with some of them. Hook us up Haze! ;)

What can the fans look forward to this year with Pocket Sun?

Gina: We’re releasing another single soon, followed by the five track EP called ‘Sleep Inventions’. After that we’ve got plans to release some live videos, as well as playing lots more shows around the UK. Plus expect some more drawings and animations of alien-like things and cute inanimate objects.

Hazel: Sunshine synths and pastel shades.

Gina: Couldn't have said it better myself!

check our their single “plastic” now.

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