REVIEW: Nightly's "No Call, No Reply"


Nightly’s new single “No Call, No Reply” opens on a soft, synthesized beat, fading in and adding more layers. The tune is hopeful, reminiscent of a hip teen romance movie like Love, Simon or To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. As Joey Beretta’s muted guitar chords provide the rhythm, you can almost picture the song in the background of a film’s climactic moment as the protagonist runs towards a resolution. It’s hopeful, it’s eager, it’s engaging.

Quickly, however, Jonathan Capeci’s voice enters and the lyrics paint a vastly different picture. Despite the upbeat, poppy score of the song, he’s clearly frustrated, waiting for something: a sign from his unnamed lover. He’s yearning to continue their relationship, but this lover is holding back; Capeci is left longing for some kind of answer.

Over and over, he emphasizes that he has “nothing”—no call, no reply. In the second verse, he even complains, “I hate, I see it in your brother’s eyes / but I wish I could hear it from you.” Listeners relate to that frustrated feeling when you know others have the answers you seek, yet keep you in the dark. That gut-wrenching feeling is palpable in the verses—like you’re the butt of a joke that everyone else is privy to.

While the song concludes with no resolution to its conflict, we hope the answers are revealed on future tracks from Nightly. Despite its somber theme, “No Call, No Reply” is catchy as hell and leaves the listener waiting for more—the next step, the next page of the story. If it’s any indication of what’s to come with their new releases at the end of March, great things are on the horizon from Nightly.

thinkpiecesBridget Lavin