Sacramento Felt Like Home with Bad Suns

“Welcome to the first Bad Suns show in Sacramento in five years!”

And what a comeback it was.

Bad Suns’ concert at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA on February 27th was just as lively, energetic, and dance-worthy as you would expect.

There was a not a moment without movement. Lead singer Christo Bowman’s performance left no option but to sing and dance along with him.  Nothing is more exemplary of a good rock show than a lead singer who is dripping in sweat by the third song. Bowman’s energy did not let up the entire night – he was constantly moving his hips, pointing at someone in the crowd, or swaying with the mic stand.  Their music is influential in that it is harder to stand still than it is to dance along.

Sacramento was Bad Suns’ second stop on their Away We Go 2019 tour, a 12 date run that lasts until mid-March.  There is no doubt that Bad Suns will bring the same level of intensity and energy to every stop along the way.

photo credit: Delaney Howard

photo credit: Delaney Howard

In the crowd, there were girls and boys alike, banging their heads and mouthing along to the words.  Totally enraptured by the spectacle on stage, it was hard for anyone to look away while they did their thing.  For myself, this was my first time seeing Bad Suns. I had heard about the band before buying tickets, and when my friends said we should go, I agreed!  I didn’t know many of their songs, but that didn’t keep me from dancing along. In fact, I know I will now be listening to their music even more. In the words of Bowman himself, “If you don’t know the words, now’s the time to learn, motherf–ers!” I will definitely be more prepared for the next time I see them.

My favorite part of the show was when Bowman stood right on the barricade, using fans’ hands to help him gain his balance.  He did this a couple times throughout the night, getting up close and personal with those lucky fans. Even though the show was already intimate (Ace of Spades only has a 1,000 person capacity), Bowman made it even more so by interacting with the crowd directly.

Closing out the show with “Heartbreaker,” Bad Suns had everyone jumping, clapping, and waving their hands as we prepared to say goodnight.  The entire night encapsulated what I love most about live music: togetherness. Everyone in that room was there to have a good time. The energy and enthusiasm from both the performer and the crowd meshed perfectly to create an atmosphere you only ever experience at live shows.

“I couldn’t love you more if I tried,” Bowman told us after a particularly loud audience response.  The love was certainly radiating throughout the room.

Bad Suns will be releasing a new album next month, and then touring after that.  If you’re in the mood for some dancing, energetic music, and a fun night, look out for them in your city, and check out and their latest releases below!