The Singular Tour: Sabrina Carpenter


fans surround the venue with turning stomachs as hits from ariana grande’s latest album 7 rings echo through the theatre. with nerves aching in, the crowd impatiently waits for the opening act as the theatre fills. rain trickles on the roof and a dark sky fades in. fans prepare for sabrina carpenter to take the stage of the buckhead theatre in atlanta, georgia on the second night of her tour in honor of the release of the first part of her two-part release entitled, singular act 1.

photo by elias tahan

photo by elias tahan

the clock strikes 9:00 and sabrina carpenter is set to take the stage. an eager crowd comprised of twitter stans echo inside jokes through the theatre such as, “what’s a kilo?” and talk of ‘sabrinastar99’. the lights dim and a countdown begins while large visuals created by amber park glow onto the faces of 1000 grinning fans. the intro of “almost love”, the first single of her latest ep, rolls in as her band takes the stage. a drum beat by tobias urbanczyk (drummer and bread enthusiast) kicks off the show along with a distorted, anticipated build up by caleb johnson (guitarist). suddenly, the screams of the crowd are silenced as korey fells jr strums an iconic chord progression (pianist) complimented with undertoning harmonies by sarah carpenter. suddenly sabrina walks out on stage alongside her dancers, andranita smith-shannon and kat cheng; the show begins.

constructed of songs from her latest ep, act I, with a combination of songs from her previous album, the night was filled with phenomenal choreography, visuals, and more. a stand out moment of the night was sabrina’s transition into a cover of rihanna's pop ballad, “diamonds” from her very own, “diamonds are forever”. her sensational vocal range, as exhibited in this cover, left the crowd with chills. the night continued with sabrina’s performance of ‘hold tight’’, featuring former co-star, amir mitchell-townes aka uhmeer. another highlight of the night was her soulful rendition of “all we have is love” from her sophomore album, EVOLution, which was complemented by korey fells jr’s passionate piano solo. the show ended with her latest single, “sue me”. the lights went dark and the crowd stood up, chanting in unison “encore”, along with cheers for her sister, sarah. stripped from her bright and sparkly jumpsuit into a sweatshirt and jeans, sabrina returned back to the stage on a wooden bar stool for her grand finale. the night concluded with a very raw and emotional performance of sabrina’s unreleased song, ‘exhale’, which is speculated to be on her next ep, singular: act II.   

during her u.s. tour, sabrina released her new single, “pushing 20”, officially announced as the first single for act II. the song, composed by airy synths and a busy chorus, concerns responsibilities, repercussions, and personal sacrifices one must undergo when transitioning into their 20s. in the intro, the sampled vocals give a very hip-hop and lo-fi feel before bursting into a deep pop sound. we hear very original harmonies and melodies throughout the song sporting very high belts in the chorus juxtaposed with her relatively low pitch verses. the strings on the last chorus, has a dynamic musical difference in contrast with the previous choruses, creating great variety. the song overall channels sabrina’s strong vocal range while adhering to her style that is presented in singular: act I. in addition to her strong introduction to the next part of the singular era, sabrina also stated that for the next couple months she will be consistently releasing new music until the release of singular: act II.

watch the tour diary from atlanta and listen to her latest single, “pushing 20”, below.