Louis Tomlinson’s “Two of Us” Ripped Our Hearts Out And Stitched Them Back Together


Good things really do come to those who wait and the release of Louis Tomlinson’s highly anticipated single “Two of Us” can certainly attest to that. Since promotion for the new single began in February 2019, fans have been eager to hear the new music The release followed an interactive world map where fans could travel to locations spread out across the globe and unlock exclusive video content from Tomlinson.

His dedicated fans have, once again, taken to social media in hopes of taking promotion for his music into their own hands. This time around, they’ve gone as far as sending custom made M&M’s to radio stations in hopes of getting “Two of Us” radio airplay.

“Two of Us” opens with Tomlinson’s melodic voice accompanied with soft chords of a piano. It submerges us right into the heartbreaking first verse that showcases Tomlinson’s strength to convey heavy emotion through his vocals right from the start. Not only is it a beautiful blend between a tear jerking ballad and an uplifting bop, but it’s raw and carries a level of vulnerability as Tomlinson sings about his mother’s passing. His mother, Johannah, passed away December 2016 after losing her strong battle with leukemia.

Opening up to BBC, he described the writing process as being therapeutic. “It was something I needed to get off my chest.”

“Two of Us” is lyrically saturated and has an element of storytelling rather than repetition. The lyrics are specific while maintaining a level of vagueness that deems it relatable, a testament to Tomlinson’s undeniable skills as a songwriter.

Initially heartbreaking, the lyrics progress into an uplifting promise throughout the chorus, where Tomlinson promises to keep his mother alive through himself, and reassures her that he’s going to keep going on for her. Tomlinson told BBC he wants the song to be hopeful. “I don’t want people to get caught up in the sadness of it.”

“Two of Us” is a song weighed down with nothing but empowerment and genuine love, and serves as a testament to Tomlinson’s skills as a vocalist and songwriter.

Catch up with the lyric video and stream “Two of Us” on Spotify or Apple Music.