Glitzy And Glamorous: "NTIFY" And "No Drug Like Me" Single Review


To many others, the name “Carly Rae Jepsen” may come off as a whisper of the past, symbolizing the years of adolescent youth and then “Call Me Maybe” frenzy that enveloped the entire populace in 2012. However, to a small yet vocal minority, she represents the emphasis on the perfection of pop music. It’s fair to say that her work isn’t groundbreaking in the genre, however this is something Jepsen knows herself, and she uses that to the best of her abilities to hone in on the quality of her work within the genre. The results that you will see are astounding.

“Now That I’ve Found You” is a huge, sugary call-back to the early days of Jepsen’s KISS era, which is not an insult at all to say the least. With the glitzy, disco-infused beats that coat the verses of the track, we are beckoned to Carly’s romantic escapade. The lyrics may seem a little juvenile, but so are a ton of young relationships, right? To make up for that slight misstep, the layering within the track brings about this floating feeling that ensues throughout the next entire three minutes and twenty seconds.

Like treasured deep-cuts off Jepsen’s previous album EMOTION, “No Drug Like Me” doesn’t fail to capitalize on Jepsen’s growth as an artist. The bass in the track is astounding, playing along with the vocals and the teasingly cute lyricism (And if you make me feel in love/Then I’ll blossom for you). Among the two new tracks and previous single “Party For One”, “No Drug Like Me” is a track that is meant to reinvigorate new and old fans alike. And possibly bring in new ones too.

Jepsen is now gearing up to release her first album since 2015 this coming summer, and there is no doubt that these three tracks will make a feature in the album itself. All in all, these are a must-listen for pop aficionados and those looking to get into a little bit of bubblegum pop. Because trust me, that’s something we all definitely need to do nowadays.