Omar Apollo brings a melancholic love on the new single “Trouble”


At just 21 years old, Omar Apollo has captivated young teenagers with his bedroom pop sounds. The Indiana native rang in the new year with an announcement of his forthcoming EP and the release of the first single and accompanying music video for “Trouble”. Leading off his first EP “Stereo” I was anticipating what I can only describe as a warm welcome into spring. I was expecting even a cooler sister to “Ignorin”. Instead, we are welcomed with a bassline that’s asking you to reflect on something. His gentle, but powerful, belt about a lost lover seems to build toward its climactic ending, ultimately resolving by saying goodbye.

I’m a sucker for a good music video. Personally, I want people to care about the music video again in the same way they did with MTV in the 80s. For “Trouble”, Omar views what used to be “his younger self” before ultimately coming face to face with him on a beach. These scenes mixed in with him (Omar) in a car accident, on the beach with him chasing his younger self (my personal favorite, it’s so beautiful) and laying down in a mirrored room with flickering lights. In a way, Trouble was the gentle welcoming to spring I wanted. When I listen to it, it makes me wonder what is to come from Omar but also from myself. I see the upcoming release of this EP to be where Omar Apollo catapults from indie fame to anti-pop mainstream, following in footsteps 2of Rex Orange County.

Upon completing this article, Omar announced he’s going on tour. My heart is sad because he’s playing in St. Louis (my city) the night of another concert I already have tickets for. If any of my fellow Omar Apollo fans will see him in Kansas City, I’ll be seeing you there!