bad ideas: a tessa violet single review


following the release of her single “crush” last year, tessa violet is once again pining after someone who might or might not be attainable in “bad ideas”.

A pop queen in her own right, tessa blends classical, retro, and hip hop influences (even throwing in a march beat) to create an instrumental backdrop that’s entirely unexpected and unique. There aren’t a lot of songs that would combine a harp and 808s for a bridge, but when you’re listening, it somehow all comes together to make perfect sense.

courtesy of meekakat.

courtesy of meekakat.

In addition to this dreamily diverse instrumental, she’s put together lyrics that are catchy and relatable to anyone who’s still working up the nerve to talk to That Person™. She opens the song caught somewhere between shy and brazen, with “i hope that you don’t think me rude, but i wanna make out with you”, and pursues that bravery with every line that follows. The chorus openly admits that this might all be a “bad idea”, but tessa’s throwing caution to the wind because she knows what she wants.

The music video that she put out with it is absolutely stunning, full of color blocking and strangeness. Also, she cuts her own bangs.

check out the track below on spotify.