bringing the west coast to the east coast, new jersey band, malibu shows signs of a bright future with their debut EP, dangerous valentine. with a concept constructed around toxic relationships and personal battles, malibu takes inspiration from coin and the wrecks in order to achieve an alternative rock sound. taylor was fortunate enough to sit down and talk new music, goals, influences, and more.


as an introduction, what is each of your names, what instrument do you play, and how did you guys meet?

our names are ray laux (vocals, guitar), scott buksbaum (vocals, bass), eric schwartz (guitar, vocals) and james spavelko (drums). we met last year at monmouth university. ray and scott were in many of the same music classes so scott asked ray if he wanted to start a band. scott never met eric before the first band practice but knew he lived in the same dorm. he also played the guitar and scott found out about james through a mutual friend and asked him if james wanted to play drums.

how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard of you guys before?

our songs (especially in the new ep) use a lot of the modern production techniques that you hear in alternative music such as arctic monkeys or the band camino while still maintaining a rock edge. We like to think of ourselves as having similar sounds to coin, the wrecks, or catfish and the bottlemen.


your debut ep, dangerous valentine released february 22. what is the main theme/meaning of these songs and how did you know these were the ones for the ep?

the main theme is centered around the thought of different kinds of relationships and different situations that happen within these relationships. these ideas include jealousy, regret and control in a relationship. the ep is centered around the combination of these ideas and how they can be toxic to relationships. these were also the songs we related to the most and we hope that anyone listening can relate as well.

almost a year ago you guys competed in the stone pony’s ‘rock to the top’ competition. how does it feel knowing you guys are headlining there for the release of your EP?

it feels amazing to be headlining the stone pony for the first time. every time we step on that stage, we think about all the legends that have played there and it really humbles us. considering that last year we were competing at the pony for rock to the top and now we’re headlining, we look back at all the progress we’ve made within the past year. It feels great.

as a newer band, what are some accomplishments you are most proud of and what is one thing you wish to accomplish as a band in 2019?

in the year we have been around we have toured the east coast which was a amazing experience. we have also accumulated 20,000 streams on one of our songs, “brighter blue” on spotify. in 2019 we hope to tour further out west and really push our sound out to everyone willing to listen.

last question, if someone is reading this and just discovered malibu, what is one thing you want them to take away from your music?

for someone who just discovered malibu, we hope that they just enjoy and relate to our music. The whole point of creating music is for other’s enjoyment, so we’re just happy that there are people out there who can appreciate it and feel connected to the songs.

check out “dangerous valentine” below.

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