new house - a love note from rex orange county

two years after his last original release in 2017, rex orange county has yet again blessed our ears with a sweet new song. he announced “new house” on his instagram with the single cover art, accompanied by a lovely note. the note included a thank you to those who have been supporting him through the years and those that support him now. it also mentioned that the song is for everyone, with the line, “whether you’re in love today or not, this one's for you, from me.”

abruptly jumping right into lyrics, the song wastes no time. verse one seems to deal with the pressure that comes with being a musician who has a rather large following’ trying to write new music but running into difficulties.

in all of it though, he still has something to ground him. when things get complicated you need to have something to hold you down, to keep you from losing yourself in the mess. the thing keeping him grounded is the thought that maybe next year he will live in a house with his love. decorating together and all the other small things. “keeping it real”, staying grounded.

verse two talks of being grateful to have a reason to get out of bed every day. it can be easy to stay in bed all day being unproductive. to have a reason to get up and out in the world is good, because, as he says, “life is too short to be staying inside.”

ideally, he could live his life in this new house with no distractions, just him and his love and their home they share together. verse three describes the reality of that. people will always need something from you. there will always be things distracting you.

in the end, he still has his love to keep him joyful, saying that, because of her, he knows what life is worth. when he’s down he knows he will always have her to hold him up.

do yourself a favor and listen to this song. i have had it playing on a loop since it came out and i am still not tired of this almost orchestral declaration of love.