A Different Kind of Sunday Night With COIN


On Sunday, February 10th, COIN came to Boston.  The indie-pop band that originated in Nashville, Tennessee performed at the Paradise Rock Club as part of their 2019 “paradise of thoughts” concert.


Arriving at the venue, the line stretched down the block and around the corner, as excited fans braved the New England cold. The sold-out show opened with the singer, Tessa Violet. She performed with both her band and solo, accompanied with her electric guitar for moving acoustic renditions of her most popular songs. Conversational with the crowd, Violet hinted at future “projects” and helped to warm up the audience.


A short while later, the four people that make up COIN took their places and the show began. They’re a band that no one quite knows how to label. Indie pop? Synth rock? Pop rock? Indie rock? Indie pop-rock? Regardless of their concrete definition as a band, there’s one thing they made clear in Boston: they are amazing performers.

What makes the group so great is their ability to effortlessly mix different music styles and genres to get a cohesive but unique sound. There is little conformity to popular sounds we hear currently; instead they have made their own classic sound. COIN’s songs create an uplifting, energetic atmosphere that translated well during the live show.  

Their set concentrated on their most recent songs, including the 2018 singles “Cemetery” and “Growing Pains”. They also performed many songs off of their 2017 album, How Will You Know if You Never Try.

The performance was a great mix of their pop-rock jams and more indie melodies. Lead singer Chase Lawrence lead the crowd through the crooning “Malibu 1992”, raised our energy with “I Don’t Wanna Dance”, and “Hannah”. Lawrence was very animated, moving about the stage and greeting those gathered in the front rows, all while carrying on the melody.

Even for a late Sunday night, the crowd at the Paradise was lively and made for a great environment to listen and dance your heart out. It was a great way to experience a small snippet of the bands 2019" “paradise of thoughts” tour.

thinkpiecesGrace Fiori