The Lyrical Beauty of Soraya: Slenderbodies EP Review


released january 25 of this year, california alt pop duo slenderbodies’ ep soraya is full of sensual, groovy instrumentals they’re known for, but this time, they’re paired with lyrics inspired by all the strong and supportive women that have shaped their lives.

with “better like that”, this ep starts immediately in the groove. a smooth baseline and clean, punctuative guitars accompany a simple clap beat for the intro, a perfect backdrop for vocals that are equal parts smooth and raspy. lyrically, it tackles the struggle of saying goodbye, with a chorus repeating about how they’d rather go backwards and not have to worry about dealing with those heavier emotions.

“take you home” on the other hand, is a summery & seductive bop. there’s a craving and a want etched into every part of this song. the lyrics are brazen, admitting that they might not be in love but that they’d still like to “take you home”, but they also don’t feel objectifying or inconsiderate. i think the best part of this track is the conversational quality between the electric and bass guitars. the parts are written so that they dance around each other in the same way that the two people are, and it really pushes the narrative forward.

“king” is focused around the women that have encouraged and supported the men of slenderbodies for their entire lives. the second half of the chorus, “she always seems to know best, i bet she’s my common sense” can echo into most relationships, from parents to romantic partners to friends, and the ambiguity allows the listener to pick for themselves. instrumentally,  there’s a full soundscape, but the clear, clean guitar line really pushes to the front.

“queen” is farther on the romantic spectrum, wherein the vocals croon about a woman who’s the perfect partner. the pre-chorus in particular, really paints that picture. he sings about relegating himself to the sidelines, doing whatever he can to “be somebody else”, to “make something for [him]self”, and then she comes in to remind him of his “wealth”, or the skills, talents, and importance in him being himself. “queen” is all about emotional support and pushing each other to grow.

“the one” is wavy and a lot simpler lyrically than the rest of the ep. a gritty synth bass contrasts clean guitars, and the lyrics circle around the line “you could be the one to take my breath away”. combined, this song is dreamy and contemplative, and makes me feel like the human embodiment of the heart eyes emoji. towards the tail end, there’s a polyphonic moment where the chorus and the first verse are sung together, and it finishes with just “you could be the one” looped over an outro synth swell. it’s the most sonic space in the entire ep, and it’s the perfect way to leave the listener ready for another round.

the “soraya” ep is available wherever music is, and the band can be found @slenderbodies on all social media platforms.