dive into a land of ethereal with joan's "drive all night"


If you still haven’t gotten enough of Joan’s sparkly retro-infused tracks, look no further. “Drive All Night” is a song that guarantees complete nostalgia with its ethereal atmosphere, all thanks to its blitzing synths. You shouldn’t also forget Joan’s trademark guitar riffs that blares in two thirds into the song, that is enough to bring back summer memories of the past.

The lyrics balance a fine line of hopes and needs, with the chorus highlighting it most especially (I wanna drive all night/Only me and you/Into the sunrise). It’s definitely the sort of track you would want to blare out loud on a highway down the road without fail, but to be fair, the same could be said for the rest of Joan’s discography. it’s only disappointing to know the fact that this was released during a period where windchills are more prominent but that’s all good.

All in all, the band deserves kudos, as this track manages to knock it out of the park once again with their work. Here’s to hoping for more bops from them.


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thinkpiecesKariann Tan