ADDERALL by EMM: An Electric Song Review


“look at you looking for a way out.”


A mysterious, yet electrifying chord shrouded in synthesizers emerge. One can feel like he or she has landed in a neo-futuristic world of neon lights and harbingers. It’s intoxicating, and beckons you to join EMM on the journey of a drug-infused misadventure.

“Blame it on the cocaine, blame it on the adderall.”

The layering of vocals on the bridge almost feels ethereal, which lends a hand in developing this dark atmosphere that the song is trying to portray. Addictive does not begin to describe the intensity of this track. The track is written alongside EMM’s favorite collaborators Zoe Fisher and Taylor Wilzbach, and the gritty passion of the song is clearly evident in the way EMM snarls within her lyrics.

“This song is a reflection on some of my uneducated decisions early on in my career. I put a lot of faith in some people who valued their relationship with substances over my career, and I ultimately paid the price for it.”

The harsh reality of the meaning behind the song is clearly significant to EMM, and in a way, this song is a good representation of her turbulent journey.

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