an ode to jacob banks' village


by conor krouse

the united kingdom is the birthplace of many famous, highly influential, and genre changing musicians and groups. consisting of the classics such as queen, black sabbath, and the beatles, or solo acts such as adele, elton john, and ed sheeran, the country has always been a hot spot for talent and musical discovery. to this day, new artists arise around every corner of the many jam packed metropolitan streets that the country holds. with some of these artists creating and popularizing their own form of the many music genres have taken hold of the world.

coming out of birmingham, england, jacob banks has released a few eps and singles since his debut in 2015, yet none of these past releases left fans hungering for more like his recent debut album, village. by mixing basslines from r&b, and drum lines from rap and hip hop, and a few acoustic tracks sprinkled in between, village is the best of many worlds.

the album is a representation of jacob banks’ mixed heritage. being born jamaican and raised in the uk, jacob banks was given multiple outlets for his creativity, and musical inspiration. the story of his upbringing is shown in every track of the fourteen song album. with some themes relating to family, others to former lovers, and some to his childhood in the bustling streets of birmingham, the album touches base on many aspects that combine together to form who jacob is, and his sense of self definition.

village is an experience like no other in the r&b world. every song gives off a completely different raw emotion that translates to, and matches that of every listener in their own individual way. with the passionate, raspy vocals from jacob, and his groovy, free flowing basslines, a new star is certainly on the rise. village has been a fantastic debut success, and for those of us involved in the r&b and hip hop community, we wait in anticipation for his next release.