Half Alive: A Show Review


Metallic, cold lights emerge from the darkness, awakening an unsurprising roar from the audience. Out of nowhere comes members Josh Taylor, Brett Kramer and J Tyler Johnson, members of the up-and-coming band Half Alive. The people continue to yell, this time ever-increasing in audacity. The band begins with “The Fall”, a song crying out boldly for help in the midst of love and uncertainty. The lyrics translates well to a live performance, with electric vocals delivered by Taylor throughout the entire duration of the show. The audience was enraptured the entire time, as harsh purple lights enclosed the venue.

Taylor continues with a cover of “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys, one that stirred up emotions within everyone else in the room. the energy in the room by the end of the song was pulsating with liveliness, as everyone awaited the next song. it all felt refreshingly intimate yet otherworldly, which is one way you can describe the entirety of the show.

thinkpiecesKariann Tan